CANADIAN WINTER  is reminiscent of the warm wool work socks that are so common in winter time!! They can be worn on the ankle OR the Calf! What a fun way to get that casual look going on!
Did we mention you can wear it TWO ways? Wear the striped band at the top...OR...wear the ruffled edge at the top!

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Leg Warmers

will make the cooler months of winter fade away!   Slouch them down...cuff them over or just wear them tall.  

When it's cold outside, we just want to cuddle up!  

Our Snuggle Soft leg warmers will make a statement and take the chill right off!

Once Over The Top.  

Available in 8 colors! Can be worn ankle, calf, forwards, backwards, sideways or how ever your heart desires!

Chocolate color not shown here.

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Boot Bracelets

Available in a variety of styles and colors are the newest addition to our designer line!


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The most Classic of style!  

Double Wide Crochet

will add a little romantic flare to any wardrobe!

Chic-a-Boot is proud to introduce our brand new line of designer clothing!  

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